Watch the HOW-TO VIDEO for step-by-step instructions to apply online.

Applications for the 2024 Dust Control season are no longer being accepted. The deadline to submit applications was April 30.


Dust control is the application of a calcium chloride dust suppressant to gravel roads to minimize road dust.

You may request a dust suppressant be applied to the gravel road in front of your:

  • Residence
  • Rural subdivision
  • Business

The cost to apply dust control is shared between the County and applicant. Fees vary based on the length of application, and whether it is for residential or commercial use.


Calcium Applications:

Residential Cost/Share - $4.40 per metre + GST

Commercial/Industrial - $6.60 per metre + GST


All locations will be staked by the County.

The work will begin once spring road bans are lifted and continues until the program is complete.

For further information, please email the Transportation and Utilities Department or call 780-532-7393.

 Application of Dust Control Suppressants by Other Parties

Applications from County residents and resource companies to privately apply Dust Control Suppressants on municipal roads may be considered in extraordinary circumstances if:

  • the applicant completes the Application to Apply Dust Control to County Roads and receives approval from the Director of Public Works or their designate;
  • the Dust Control Suppressants have been approved by the County;
  • the County approves the desired location of the Dust Control Suppressant;
  • the Dust Control Suppressants be applied in a manner that meets County standards (in a professional manner);
  • the applicant accepts full responsibility for the Dust Control Suppressant applied; and
  • the applicant agrees to indemnify and save harmless the County with respect legal liability in connection with the approach installation and will adhere to all applicable laws, standards, regulations, and safety protocols.


Please e-mail completed applications to