An Environmental Site Inquiry is a report of municipal records about a specific property. The report provides a starting point for investigating the environmental state of a property to help buyers, sellers, and financers of land better understand a property's environmental history and condition.

Note, this report is not an Environmental Site Assessment and does not replace the services provided by a qualified Environmental Consultant. 

Order an Environmental Site Inquiry 

Cost and Payment

Cost of the report is $100.00 (plus GST) for each address requested.

Preferred method of payment:

  • Online, follow the prompts to pay for your report with a credit card.

Other payment options:

  • Cheque (payable to the County of Grande Prairie No.1)
  • Credit card by phone (Mastercard or VISA accepted) by calling 780-532-9722 and requesting to make payment for an environmental inquiry report
  • Charge to your account by calling Accounts Receivable at 780-513-3965 and requesting to set up an account

Report Delivery Timeline:

The report will be emailed as a PDF file attachment within three weeks after you place your order and make payment. If the County needs to contact another Municipality within its borders for relevant records, the time required to complete the report may be extended.

If the County has a record for the property in the categories listed below, it will be noted in the Environmental Site Inquiry report. The information on file with the County of Grande Prairie may not reflect the current state of the property.

Included in an Environmental Site Inquiry

  • Property zoning;
  • Preliminary agreement for use in case of any title or any work;
  • Development permits issued;
  • Safety code permits issued;
  • Instruments on title;
  • Provincial permits issued;
  • Federal license issued;
  • Real property reports (applicant and compliance);
  • Land Use Bylaw violations;
  • Off-Site levies;
  • Landfill;
  • Weed control;
  • Fire violations;
  • Bylaw infractions

Not Included in an Environmental Site Inquiry

  1. Copies of Records: The report summarizes findings based on historical records. Copies of the documents that the summary is based on are not included with the Environmental Site Inquiry report. To obtain copies of these documents a FOIP Request will need to be submitted.
  2. Expropriation: We do not provide information regarding expropriation. Please contact Alberta Land Titles and Surveys at 780-427-2742 as they may be able to help you.  
  3. Site Assessment or Inspection: The Summary Report reflects the historical record in the custody or control of the County; it does not include an environmental site assessment or property inspection. Information in a summary report may be included in a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment normally provided by environmental consultants, but it is not a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.
  4. Storage Tanks: The County does not manage nor provide information on underground or above ground fuel storage. For information related to storage tanks please contact the Alberta Safety Codes Council.
  5. Property Owner Information: Personal information of the property owner is subject to protection under the FOIP Act and will not be included in the summary report.


For more information about Environmental Site Inquiry Reports, please contact Records and Information Management / FOIP at the County of Grande Prairie by calling 780-532-9722 ext. 1175 or send a detailed message to