Photo of Addresses

Learn about the difference between a civic address, rural address, and a mailing address.

Animals and Livestock

Your zoning determines the type and number of pets and livestock you can have on your property.

Real Property Report
Buying or Selling a Property

Learn how to access some of the documents you may need as part of your real estate transaction.

Construction Material
Home Improvements

Be sure to check out the requirements before taking on a home renovation or improvement project.

Building Application
Homeowner Permits

Learn about the various permits you may need for different home improvement projects.

Building Inspector

Whether a new build, replacement, or a renovation, you will need to book an inspection at some point during your project.

New Homes
New Homes

Learn about the requirements and process for obtaining approvals for your new home.

Services and Utilities
Services and Utilities

Links to service providers including water & sewer, power, internet and more.