Business Licensing

Looking to start a business? While the County does not issue annual business licenses, all business uses are regulated by the Land Use Bylaw and required development approval to proceed. Development Permits related to home-based businesses may be issued on a temporary basis and require renewal or a new application if the business practices grow or change. The County also offers business supports and assistance with growing your business through our Economic Development programs.

Step 1: Where are you located?

Where you are located and your zoning impacts the type of businesses you are able to operate on a property. The first thing you need to determine is your zoning, this can be done by finding your property on our zoning maps or contacting Planning and Development.

Step 2: Determine if the use is allowable in that zoning. 

Choose a business category below to learn about the rules and regulations and other key information relating to the business category you are wanting to start.

Step 3: Apply for a Development Permit

Development Permits authorize the use of a property or building, and are required prior to initiating your business. Applications for Development Permits can be made online using our Gateway portal.

Step 4: Complete Your Approvals

Consider your required approvals and conditions of approval.