Advocacy Priorities and Progress 

The County of Grande Prairie wants citizens, businesses, and community members to be aware of the efforts underway to raise the profile and secure support for key projects and infrastructure in our communities. County Council continually reviews and updates our advocacy plan to reflect the needs and priorities of residents, businesses, and those who have an interest in the County. We advocate to the provincial and federal governments on several issues that impact community well-being and quality of life.   

The advocacy priorities outlined below are needed to address health and safety risks to the public and to increase economic prosperity in the region. County Council and senior administration are working collaboratively with other municipalities, industry members, community groups, and other stakeholders to meet and/or share information with Alberta Ministers, Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), and senior staff to raise awareness of the County’s needs.   

Priority 1: Economic Development 

Gain economic development opportunities for the County with a focus on job creation, workforce development and talent attraction, economic diversification, and infrastructure development.   

Actions include: 

  • Advocate for the Province to adopt a new electricity pricing model for transmission and distribution that eliminates the disparity in pricing across Alberta. 

  • Provincial support of the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.  

  • Increase profile of County of Grande Prairie in Government of Alberta   

Recent Successes: 

  • Advocate for the Province to adopt a new electricity pricing model for transmission and distribution that eliminates the disparity in pricing across Alberta.  

  • The Grande Prairie Regional Workforce Development Strategy is a partnership with the Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce, City of Grande Prairie, MD of Greenview, Alberta Labour and Immigration, and Northwestern Polytechnic to address gaps in the workforce and market the region as a strong region to work, live and play. To date, partners have collected data on our current and future workforce needs and identified industry sectors that will provide an optimum mix of career opportunities and economic diversity. The partnership recently presented a strategy developed to address employment demands, establish a skilled and resilient workforce, and create a competitive environment for the region.  

  • The County of Grande Prairie Business Support Network hosted a successful spring job fair, where over 400 job seekers connected with 40 vendors ranging from oil companies, education, municipalities, health services, retail, and job seeker support services. The event also saw representation from the Peace Region Economic Development Alliance (PREDA) recruiting for small northern municipalities. 

  • Continue to advocate for financial support for the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum by highlighting the economic potential and broad appeal, including to MLA Martin Long (West Yellowhead) and Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Tourism.  

Priority 2: Transportation 

The County will promote awareness of transportation infrastructure needs in the County of Grande Prairie with the provincial and federal governments to ensure supply chain resiliency. 

Actions include: 

  • Lobby the provincial government to prioritize and allocate capital funding for Highway 40X construction.   

  • Highlight transportation infrastructure needs related to rail and air service.  

Recent Successes: 

  • The Provincial Highway 40 twinning and bridge construction project will be completed in 2024. County investment – $10 million.  

  • Completed paving 10 km of Highway 724 north of La Glace. County investment – 25 per cent, up to $2 million.  

  • Highway 40X to connect Highways 40 and 43 is proceeding with design engineering and land acquisition in 2024. 

Link to Highway 40X Connector page


Priority 3: A Healthy Community 

The County will seek improvements to healthcare services to better meet local needs. 

Actions include: 

  • Support healthcare professional attraction and retention.  

  • Support the development of the Maskwa Medical Centre.  

Recent Success: 

  • Government of Alberta funding for new healthcare facility in Beaverlodge.  Council joined the Town of Beaverlodge for the province’s announcement that construction will begin in 2024.  The Beaverlodge hospital replacement project has been allocated $25 million in funding for planning and engineering over three years from 2024 to 2026.  

Additional Advocacy Activities 

The County will keep the following topics top of mind and communicate their importance to the County of Grande Prairie with appropriate levels of government as opportunities come up. Topics include:   

  • Rural Crime and Policing  

  • We will advocate for improved accessibility and traffic flow to the future Clairmont Heights with access from Highway 2.  

  • Highway 43 twinning to the British Columbia border.  

  • Rural Housing Insecurity.