Group photo of CouncilThe County of Grande Prairie's council consist of nine Councillors who annually select a Reeve and Deputy Reeve and make various committee appointments


Council meetings are held at the County's administration building and are open to the public.

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Meet Council

The County is divided into nine electoral areas called divisions. Each division has a Councillor who is elected by the citizens within his or her divisional boundaries. Each Councillor serves a four-year term.

Division 1

35059A Township Road 724
Grande Prairie, AB T8X 4H6

Hm: 780-567-4119
Fax: 780-567-3620
Cell: 780-876-9009
Email Councillor Harold Bulford


I had thought about running for Council for several years but having a full time job, and many overtime hours, didn't allow me the opportunity. When I started contracting on my own, it was easier to work around my schedule. I looked at the position as a chance to help our community. The position appealed to me as it's the closest to the people and being municipal level of government, there is opportunities to lobby other levels of government for the betterment of the whole region.


I grew up on a farm and farmed together with my parents. As a youngster I remember going with them to volunteer in the community as well as helping many neighbours with work bees to build barns, pour cement or even harvest if needed. My parents taught me that if you are able, you should always help your neighbours or anyone for that matter that needs help.

They taught me integrity, fairness and standing up for the right things. From a younger age I was involved with the Legion as my Dad was a member. When the Fire Department in Bezanson was formed, I joined, and have been with them since 2003

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Really enjoy spending time with my family. Both of our children are grown now and have quite the sense of humour so we have a lot of fun together. We enjoy camping and the occasional golf game in the summer. Not as often as I should as I find most of my time is spent working!

I enjoy repairing things in my shop and building, painting or renovating for people. One of our largest projects for the last several years is restoring and repairing my wife's family cabin. I truly enjoy helping my sister and brother-in-law and their family at harvest when time allows, keeps me connected to farming.

Division 2

Box 665
Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0

Hm: 780-567-4299
Cell: 780-933-3464
Email Councillor Daryl Beeston


I decided to get involved with Council because I wanted to be part of seeing projects move forward. It looked a lot easier to move them forward by being on Council. Getting on Council was a way to help bring forward the community's needs, help address those needs and see projects continue to make our communities better for residents. It was important to see priorities such as increased safety and more recreation opportunities for our communities addressed.


I was an entrepreneur and business owner for 20 years, and then I sold my business. However, I didn't want to retire. I still wanted to do something, and I've always been interested in politics. Serve at the municipal level is great opportunity now that I have the time to commit. I'm also involved with the Elks in Sexsmith and the Grande Prairie and Clairmont Agricultural Societies.

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I'm involved in sports in the community such as ball and golfing, so I've been a big supporter of anything that creates more recreation opportunities for residents. I have a great wife who has supported me throughout my time on Council. You can't do this job yourself, you have to have your partner onside with you if you are going to do this job.

Division 3

704063 RR61
County of Grande Prairie No. 1, AB T8W 5B2

Hm: 780-538-3809
Fax: 780-402-3809
Cell: 780-814-3121
Email Reeve Leanne Beaupre


When I was first elected to Council in 2004 there was tremendous opportunity in the County and felt I could help with economic development and community growth. Since then, the County saw tremendous development and it is an honour and a privilege for me to be part of this growth. It is humbling to see how the County of Grande Prairie became a leader in its governance and development. It's also important to me that the County is a good neighbour and the success of the County contributes to the success of the entire region and all Northern Alberta.


Prior to running for Council, I was a co-owner of a small oilfield company and that provided me some insights to the challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises. I was also a real estate broker and helped individuals make and sell real estate investments.

I was the chair of Community Futures - Grande Prairie and Region for many years where I used my past professional experience to help ensure success for these grassroots and social enterprise organizations that are the backbone of Alberta's economy. I am currently a member of the Northern Alberta Transportation Advisory Bureau, which focuses on building Northern Alberta's transportation infrastructure. I am also vice-chair of the Northern Alberta Elected Leaders, which advocates for northern Alberta.

My experience is rooted in economic development, I believe there are always opportunities to seize in every situation and challenge we may face.

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My husband of 35 years and I have three incredible children and two grandchildren who are our sources of inspiration and admiration daily. I enjoy volunteering my time supporting health-related causes such as the CIBC Run for the Cure, Canadian Cancer Society, Asthma Canada, and the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation. I also enjoy spending free time working in my yard and getting out to golf.

Division 4

Box 1027
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4B5

Hm: 780-532-8686
Cell: 780-512-5385
Email Councillor Ross Sutherland


I wanted to be part of maintaining and improving the quality of life we enjoy while creating new opportunities for County for residents. I saw an opportunity help be part of continuing to develop high-quality transportation infrastructure and well-maintained roads for residents.


I was born and raised in the area and I have farmed in the area. I also worked in the oil industry, specifically exploration and worked across Canada as well as internationally in places such as the United States, South America and China.  Familiar with the challenges in the community. That work gave be valuable business experience and a view into the problems faced by rural residents which is important on council.

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When I have the opportunity, I enjoy getting away to check on my herd of bison and being out on the land near the British Columbia border where they graze.


Division 5

Box 344
Wembley, AB T0H 3S0

Hm: 780-766-2161
Cell: 780-933-2053
Email Councillor Bob Marshall


I want to help make our County a better place to live. I welcome the opportunity to help solve issues that come up in the County.


I worked in road construction and in oil patch to put myself through school. I then worked as a biomedical technologist before I started at Weyerhaeuser where I worked for 23.5 years in many different roles including machine operator, lumber grader, team leader, quality control grader MSR (Machine Stress Rated) operator.

I've also coached minor baseball, soccer, Wolves minor basketball, and boys and girls junior high basketball.

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I've been married for 33 years and have two children and one granddaughter. In my free time I enjoy woodworking, home improvement projects, the outdoors and hiking with my dog.

Division 6

Box 849
Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0

Hm: 780-354-2823
Cell: 780-933-3074
Email Deputy Reeve Peter Harris


I serve on council to bring an urban/rural balance to the council table. I want to contribute to all communities in the County of Grande Prairie through collaboration and co-operation to ensure that services are delivered in an efficient, cost-effective manner to residents.


I have many years of experience in agriculture as a pedigree seed producer in the Beaverlodge area. I currently operate a family farm with my wife and two sons.

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I am married to wife Linda and we have three adult children and eight grandchildren.

Division 7

Box 98
Hythe, AB T0H 2C0

Cell: 780-897-5609
Email Councillor Linda Dianne Waddy


I believe in serving in your community. My grandfather was a municipal councillor in Manitoba and he always spoke about the importance of getting involved in your community.


I was born on a dairy farm in Manitoba and bought my own farm when I was 21. I also lived in Calgary where I was a property manager for 13 years. I moved to the County of Grande Prairie with my husband in 2001 and started a cow/calf operation which we still have.

When I first arrived in the Grande Prairie area, I worked at the Cogeneration plant by Weyerhaeuser. I then worked at ATB in Hythe where I was able to meet many of the people in the area. I also served as Secretary/Treasurer and then President of the Goodfare Hall.

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I enjoy gardening and my horses. When I'm not focused on my work as a County Councillor I spend much of my time working on the farm.

Division 8

Box 54
La Glace, AB T0H 2J0

Cell: 780-831-0902
Email Councillor Karen Rosvold


I was always an avid volunteer in the area and to me running for Council was the next step in being able to help my community. All my family lives in the County, which means the world to me, and I want to continue to help build a better community for all.


I have lived and farmed in the LaGlace area for 33 years. I have worked with two different school divisions in the area, as well as in private industry. I have been a volunteer for the LaGlace Agriculture Society, Suicide Prevention Resource Centre, 4-H and many other organizations in the area. I am also provincial board chair of the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta.

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For me, my family and my community are everything. I am so very fortunate that my children and my five very precious grandchildren all live within the County of Grande Prairie and are all within a very quick drive. I love being outdoors whether in my yard or out camping.

Division 9

RR #2
Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0

Hm: 780-568-2223
Cell: 780-831-6394
Email Councillor Corey Beck


Local government is important as it can touch many parts of your life, from recreation we enjoy, to the roads we drive on.  To be involved in setting policy and decision making that affect the community for the better is my goal.


I have been involved at my local community for as long as I have lived in the County.  I was a volunteer on the local fire department for over 16 years.  I’ve been leader of 4-H as well as a volunteer for Teepee Creek Stampede wherever they needed me.  I'm also volunteer soccer coach and board member of the Peace Country Beef and Forage Association, to name a few.

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I ranch at Teepee Creek in the County, with my wife and family.  When not ranching we enjoy camping, fishing, spending time with our kids, friends and family.  From a young age I‘ve had a passion for agriculture. I spend a lot of time reading, learning and honing that craft.