The County of Grande Prairie focuses its works to continually improve the quality of lives of residents and create opportunities for growth and development for businesses with long range plans, reports and studies. Here you will find many of the County's guiding documents.

Council has also received the Alberta Municipal Affairs Village of Hythe Viability Review Report. 

Cover of Annual Report
Annual Report

Learn more about planning and work affects the quality of live in our community. The annual report is an opportunity reflect on the past year of the County.

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Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Citizen Satisfaction Surveys supports the County's strategic planning processes and provides valuable insights into what is currently working well and areas needing improvement. 

Cover of Economic Development Plan
Economic Development Plans

View the County's Growth and Economic Development Strategy as well as reports, studies and resources to attract new investment and ensure long-term sustainable growth. 

Worker maintaining park space
Green Space Maintenance Plan

The County's Green Space Maintenance Plan outlines the level of care provide based on zoning and land use.

Map of a community
Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan establishes the vision for the future of the County and is the plan to make it a reality.

Public Participation Toolkit cover
Public Participation

The County of Grande Prairie has made it a priority to enhance public participation in municipal decision-making and service delivery.

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Recreation Master Plan

The Recreation Master Plan is a framework for cooperation and a guidepost for the planning and development of recreation opportunities with partner municipalities in our region.

House keys
Rural Homelessness

The County is part of various initiatives to learn more about the reality of homelessness and housing insecurity in our rural area and to work on identifying support for residents.

Cover of Strategic Plan document
Strategic Plan

The County's Strategic Plan guides all planning, initiatives and operations in the County.

Map showing a grid of roads
Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan is a 10-year plan that guides the improvement of the County's transportation network.

Group of people in a park
Wapiti Recreation Area Management Plan

The Wapiti Recreation Area Concept Plan shows how the gravel pits south of the City will be turned into an outdoor recreation facility once funding is available.