The Wapiti Recreation Area Concept Plan shows how the gravel pits south of the City of Grande Prairie will be turned into an outdoor recreation facility when funding is available.

Current Status

There is no firm timeline to begin construction.


  • Summer 2016 – A draft Management Plan is created for the old gravel pits and the site is re-named the Wapiti Recreation Area (WRA).
    • Phase I – 75 hectares in the west portion of the gravel pits. This area is empty of gravel.
    • Phase II – 55 hectares in the east portion of the gravel pits. This area still has gravel being extracted.
  • Summer 2017 – Aboriginal Consultation completed.
  • Winter 2017/18 – Public Consultation completed.
  • Winter 2017/18 – WRA Management Plan is approved. View the approved plan.
  • Winter 2018/19 – The Province of Alberta gives the County a Recreation Lease for Phase I.
  • Winter 2018/19 – Phase I Concept Plan is approved. View the approved plan.

Phase I Concept Plan

Phase I is divided into 4 areas.

  • Area 1 – The Dog Park - includes an off-leash dog park, trails, washrooms, and seating.
  • Area 2 - The Day Use Area - includes trails, day use infrastructure, washrooms, and weather shelters. 
  • Area 3 - The Performance Area - this includes trails, day use infrastructure, outdoor classroom space, and an amphitheatre. The Concept Plan shows a round dance arbour such as are utilized during Indigenous Pow Wow's and celebrations. There is also a Sacred Healing area. There is a need for dedicated First Nations and Metis programming space in our region. An extensive and comprehensive consultation must take place with a large scope of participants. The Concept Plan shows the spatial requirements for programming facilities that may be suitable for this site. 
  • Area 4 – The Pedestrian Trail - a section of the Clairmont to Nitehawk trail system connecting 704 A to the Wapiti Bridge pedestrian overpass.