Students and families having trouble at home or school can access information and support from the Community School Liaison Program.

Any student, parent, school staff member or agency supporting students in the County can connect with their school or FCSS to find out more about working with a Liaison Counsellor.

We work together to help students and families thrive by learning new skills or getting the support they need. We have community school liaison counsellors in the following schools in the County.

  • Beaverlodge Elementary School
  • Beaverlodge Regional High School
  • Clairmont Community School
  • Elmworth Community School
  • Harry Balfour School
  • La Glace Community School
  • Peace Wapiti Academy 
  • Robert W Zahara Public School 
  • Sexsmith Secondary School
  • Teepee Creek Community School
  • Wembley Elementary School
  • Whispering Ridge Community School
  • Valhalla Community School

For more information you can contact the Community School Liaison team by e-mail or phone at 780-532-9727.