Fire season starts Feb 21, 2024

If you are planning on having an outdoor fire on your property it's important to know the fire burning area where you reside and have the applicable fire permit. Residents can find all the information they need including an interactive/printable map on our website.

Apply for a fire permit here: Fire Permit Request

You must apply for a fire permit if you’d like to have an outdoor fire in the County. For permit requests and more information about safe burning practices, contact one of your local Fire Guardians or scroll down to view our quick tips on how to properly set up a backyard fire pit.

If you live in the green area, contact the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to request a fire permit for your area.

Fire burning areas

The County has four different fire burning areas (white, yellow, green and red). Find the area you are in with our interactive fire permit areas map or printable map.

A Fire Permit or a Fireworks Permit is required to light a Fire or discharge Display Fireworks in a Hamlet, Subdivision, Industrial Park or areas zoned for commercial use.

Each fire burning area has guidelines for fire permits depending if you’re having an open burning or using fire pits, burn barrels or incinerators.

Open burning permit requirements

If you plan to have an open air burning on your property, you must comply with the requirements outlined for each seasons and know if your area requires a permit year round.

County white/yellow areas

If you live in the County white or yellow areas, you are required to have a fire permit during the fire season from March 1 – October 31.

For the off-season from November 1 – February 29, you do not need a fire permit. Only a verbal notification is required during this time.

County red area                                                                                      

If you live in the County red area, you are required to have a fire permit year round.

County green area                                                                                  

If you live in the County green area, you are required to have a fire permit year round. You can contact the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry for a fire permit in this area.

Fire pit, burn barrel and incinerator permit requirements

If you want to learn more about the fire permit requirements in your area to have a fire pit in your backyard or use a burn barrel or incinerator on your property, contact your local Fire Guardian

If you live in the county green area, contact the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to learn more about safe burning practices in your area.

Setting up your backyard fire pitFire pit in a residential backyard

To ensure that you are using a fire that is safe for your property, there are many SPECIFICATIONS FOR RECREATIONAL FIRE PITS ON RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES required by the County: The fire pit is required to be:

  • Located at a safe distance, approximately 10 feet/3m from all combustibles (i.e. house, sheds, fences, trees, decks, powerlines, etc.). This also applies to portable manufactured fire pits.
  • No portable manufactured fire pit (including chimineas) shall be placed on a combustible surface or structure(i.e. wooden decks).
  • Dug into the ground or constructed above ground to prevent fuel from falling out
  • Constructed of stone, masonry or metal if it is above ground
  • Covered with a mesh screen when lit
  • No bigger than 1 metre (3 feet) in diameter or equivalent size if rectangular
  • Not used for burning flammable or combustible liquids, chemicals or contaminated substances

Mountain pine beetle program

Protect our forests and communities from fire by removing the beetle-killed trees. If you own land in the County, check your pine trees to help with our mountain pine beetle program.