Senior Man on Phone

Are you a senior who is feeling lonely and would like someone to Keep in Touch?

The Keep in Touch Program connects our residents in the County of Grande Prairie with one another through a weekly telephone support system. Through Keep in Touch we can connect you with a friendly person to chat with and they can help you find resources if needed.

For many of us, a call from a trusted friend once a week makes a big difference in how we feel. Knowing that someone cares and is there to share stories and laugh with is comforting and meaningful in so many ways.

How it Works

If you are a senior who would like to receive a call each week, OR if you have a neighbour or family member whose days could be brightened, simply give us a call to complete the registration, send us an e-mail or fill out the form below.

We will pair seniors who sign up with a verified volunteer for safety, who will call once a week.

Please encourage the seniors you know to contact us today and join Keep in Touch!

Call 780-532-9727 ext. 2400, email us or click the button below.  

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Volunteering to connect with County seniors?

If you enjoy talking to new people, and have a few hours a week to bring joy and interest to someone’s life, please contact us now. We will work with you to find out where you can best be matched, and give you all the tips and tools to build a good relationship!

We all have stories, wisdom, and interests to share! Won’t you make a difference in someone’s life by sharing yours?

Apply now 

If you need help completing the application, please contact FCSS at 780-532-9727 ext. 2400

Volunteer Commitment

As a Keep in Touch program volunteer, your role is to:

  • Phone your pairing each week at a pre identified time
  • Provide a reassuring, friendly and consistent voice to your pairing
  • Help connect your pairing to community resources and support to meet their needs
  • Act as an emotional, social and isolation support to your pairing 

About the program

Keep in Touch (KIT) is an innovative, collaborative, program which provides the social infrastructure to support the mental health and overall well-being of seniors.  

The KIT program connects seniors in communities with volunteers through a weekly telephone support system. Seniors are paired with a volunteer, who takes the time to call, chat, and assist with finding resources if needed. Through the weekly call there is monitoring of the health and well-being of the senior using Wellness Checks and identifying senior concerns. 

Follow-ups are done after seniors have been part of the program for two months. Seniors have reported feeling less isolated, more positive, as well as being appreciative of their volunteer calling. Senior volunteers are also an important part of the program opening the doors to a meaningful volunteer experience. 

The Keep in Touch program is currently being expanded across rural Alberta by Volunteer Lethbridge, the Rural Development Network, and the Canadian Mental Health Association. The goal of the program is to offer emotional support to seniors and decrease isolation and loneliness helping to improve the condition of seniors' lives and helping them to flourish.