The County of Grande Prairie has developed a Livestock Emergency Response Plan (LERP) to meet the needs of residents in the event of a disaster. This could include wildfires, floods, motor vehicle incidents, and more. This plan adds to the existing Emergency Preparedness plan with a focus on domestic animals. It is used as a resource to make informed decisions and reduce danger and risk, to both people, and their animals.

Register your animals and equipment to help the County respond in the event of an emergency. This information is only used to better understand resources needed and available in the event of an evacuation. The County will ONLY use this information to assist those affected in an emergency situation.

If you have further questions, please call the Agriculture department at 780-567-5585. 

How can you help keep your farm safe and be prepared?

Watch the video below to learn all about the County's Livestock Emergency Response Plan & how to register your domestic livestock.

Frequently asked questions

Are there resources to help me make an Emergency Farm plan specific to my needs? 

There are many excellent resources to help you prepare for an emergency on your farm or acreage.

Click the links below to access the information online, or contact the Agriculture Department for printed copies:

Online-Only Documents:

The Government of Alberta has an excellent document to help with farm safety planning. It includes many hazards that may typically be overlooked. You can check it out here.

Another resource is the Shelter-in-Place for Livestock Checklist which you can view here.

How will this plan help me in an emergency? 

The County will use the information provided by participants to assist affected residents in an emergency. The type, location, and timing of the incident will determine how we use the plan. One of the most important things to know how many domestic animals are in a given area and how many of residents will require assistance in the event of an evacuation. Assistance can include transporting animals, feeding, and more. 

Who has access to my information? 
Access to the information collected in this survey is extremely limited. Only authorized emergency personnel will be able to access the information. It will not be used for any other purposes. 
How many animals do I need to register for this program?
There is no minimum livestock requirement to join this program. 
Is this only open to cattle producers? 
No, the program is open to all residents with domestic animals of any kind. 
Do I need to update the County when I move or sell livestock?
While not required, it is beneficial if you call and update your information, so that we can better meet your needs in the event of an emergency.