If you do not want herbicide sprayed on the road allowance adjacent to your land you can apply to our No Spray program. You will take responsibility for controlling the noxious weeds, prohibited noxious weeds and brush along the ditch next to your land.                                                

How can I apply?

  • Print and fill out the No Spray application
  • Submit your application by April 15 annually
  • A $25 late fee will apply to applications received after April 15

Our on-line form has been delayed and will be available in 2022.

Where do I send my No Spray application?

  • Email it using this form.  
  • Mail to Agriculture department at 10001-84 Ave. Clairmont, Alberta T8X 5B2
  • Fax to 780-567-5589

No Spray signs will be provided and installed by the Agriculture department and removed at the end of the season.