The County has Problem Wildlife Officers that will help you control wild animals that are regulated as pests or nuisances under the Agricultural Pests Act.  Contact our Problem Wildlife Officer if you require assistance with control.     

Common wildlife pests or nuisances found in our County


Beaver dams may pose a threat to roadway infrastructure and cropland. Our Problem Wildlife officers can assist landowners with safe removal of beaver dams and beaver.

  • $150 plus tax per quarter section (up to three dams)
  • $65.00 per dam thereafter.


Our Problem Wildlife Officers can assist with Control of Coyotes and Other Pests in order to control predation or disease caused by pests on livestock, crops and farmland.


Wolves can be predators to the cattle industry. In partnership with Fish and Wildlife our Problem Wildlife officers are available to help.

Norway Rat

Norway Rat control and identification in Alberta.


Skunk facts that don't stink!


Instructions for how to build a live magpie trap are available through Agriculture services.

Wild boar

Land Use Bylaw 2680 Section 3 prohibits all Wild boar operations, including the raising or keeping of wild boar from being raised in the County of Grande Prairie.

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