The County of Grande Prairie spot sprays herbicides along county roadside ditches where noxious and prohibited noxious weeds and brush are present. This helps to control the spread of weeds and prevents brush from infringing on the roadway.

Please note herbicide application on County right-of-ways is conducted from late May to October annually.

No Spray Agreement

The County has a No Spray Program where you, as a landowner, can take responsibility for the control of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds and brush in the ditch in front of your residence.  

Frequently asked questions

Are the County herbicide applicators certified?

The County has Certified Pesticide Applicators and certified authorized assistants who apply herbicides.

Where can I recycle my pesticide jugs?

There are three locations in the County of Grande Prairie to recycle your pesticide jugs:

  • Clairmont Centre for recycling and Waste Management
  • Teepee Creek Transfer Station
  • Elmworth Transfer Station

All jugs must be tripled rinsed and emptied.

Will the County spray Foxtail or Dandelions?

No, the County will only spray for noxious and prohibited noxious weeds as regulated under the Weed Act. Foxtail and Dandelions are considered a Nuisance Weed and are not regulated provincially.

What type of herbicides does the County use?

The County uses herbicide approved and regulated by Health Canada and follows the directives of the Environmental Protections and Enhancement Act.

What is a Biobed?

Herbicide rinsate from the County weed control program can be applied to our biobed

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