Visit Recreational Use of Stormwater Ponds to learn more about recreational use of stormwater ponds in residential subdivisions across the County this winter season.

  • Identify at least 4 volunteers that are committed to installing, maintaining and removing the ice surface
  • Identify the water source for the ice surface. If Aquatera infrastructure exists, the County will facilitate access to their water tap. If there is no Aquatera standpipe, volunteers must bring the water from off site.
  • A pre-install inspection will be conducted by the County to ensure the proposed space is appropriate
  • A post-install inspection will be conducted by the County to ensure requirements are met
  • A post-removal inspection will be conducted once the ice surface is dismantled to ensure the area is tidy and undamaged.
  • Applications are only good for one season 
  • Deadline for applications is December 31, 2023

Best Practices

Review the Neighbourhood Ice Surface Policy.

Start your application to build a Neighbourhood Ice Surface.   

2023 Ice Surfaces

All Neighbourhood Ice Surfaces are built and maintained by local volunteers. Respect the neighbourhood and always tidy up after yourself. All rinks are used at your own risk.

Location of 2023 Ice Surfaces
Neighbourhood Address Status Hockey Allowed