Landowners can request the closure of road plans and road allowances that run adjacent to or through their land. These may be roads that are no longer needed (have been replaced), were never developed because they were not suitable for road construction, or just never developed.

The most common reasons for requesting a road closure include:

  • To lease or licence to utilize an undeveloped road allowance for grazing or cultivating,
  • To purchase and consolidate into you land,
  • As a land swap with an adjoining development.

Road closures are done by bylaw or resolution of County Council and require approval form the Province, Minister of Transportation.


 Road Closure Process

Road Closure Applications can be made online using our Gateway portal. Included with the application are:

  • A tentative plan of the closure,
  • $1,200 fee to cover the costs of advertising,
  • A current copy of your land title certificate, and 
  • The reason to support the request.

Upon review of the application, additional information may be requested.


Applications are reviewed and circulated to third parties and adjacent landowners to ensure there is no interests in the road. The application is then scheduled for a public hearing at a County Council meeting. It is given first reading and then sent to the Minister for approval. Once the minister approves the closure, it goes back to Council for adoption of the bylaw.


Depending on the final disposition of the land, the file is finalized. Depending on the situation, the land could be leased, or sold and consolidated. The closure requires legal survey for title to be transferred.