Call 911 if there is an emergency. To contact the County’s Regional Fire Service directly, please call 780-532-9727 or send us an email.

Be Fire Safe

Stay aware of the current Wildfire Rating and always remember if you are out exploring crown lands to ensure any campfires are completely extinguished and be cautious when participating in activities such as riding ATV and other off-highway vehicles. 

If you are exploring areas in the County view our interactive map. If you are in areas marked Red, including the Dunes area, you are not allowed to have fire without a permit. 

If you are planning on having an outdoor fire on your property, be sure you have the applicable fire permit contact and contact your local Fire Guardians.  

The County of Grande Prairie provides regional fire, investigation and medical services to our community to help keep everyone safe. We strive to deliver the best possible fire protection and safety services to avoid loss of life and property through prevention, education, and response.

Learn about the different services we offer to help keep everyone safe and prepared in the event of an emergency.

Backyard fire pit
Fire permits

Learn how to apply for a fire permit and find out about outdoor fire requirements for the County if you are planning on doing outdoor burning on your property. 

Firefighters fighting a wildfire
Fire bans

Stay up to date on the latest fire bans and advisories if you are planning to enjoy a campfire or burn debris in your area.

Sparky the fire dog
Fire safety and prevention

Learn fire safety tips to help keep you and your family safe at home and find resources for how you can always be prepare in case of emergencies.

Become a Firefighter

 Want to make a difference in your community? Learn more about becoming a firefighter!

Part-time Firefighter opportunities

Become a part-time firefighter at our Clairmont and Dunes Stations. Pre-service training is required.

Paid on Call Responder opportunities

Become a paid responder at our Bezanson, Hythe, La Glace, or Teepee Creek Stations. No training required, all training will be provided. 

Fire station locations

Our full-time stations are located in Clairmont and the Dunes area. Our part-time stations are found in Bezanson, Hythe, La Glace, and Teepee Creek.

Photo of apparatus in a fire hall
Fire Stations

Learn where our fire stations are located and the apparatus housed in each station.

Cadet recruitment photo
Cadet Firefighter Program

For high school students (16-18) living in the County to learn about the Fire Services while developing important skills needed to become a volunteer or career firefighter.