Stormwater ponds play an important role in our environment and are beautiful to look at. They are part of our wastewater handling system and are suitable for some recreational use. Get informed about Stormwater Ponds so you can keep yourself and your family safe. 

Stay Safe!  

  • Fluctuating water levels and poor water quality can make swimming or wading dangerous. 

  • Non-motorized watercraft may be hand-launched from approved boat launches only. The County Sportsplex Pond is currently the only approved boat launch on a stormwater pond. 

Stay safe around ice!  

  • Recreational Use of Stormwater Ponds is permitted under certain conditions when ice thickness of the pond has been properly tested. Find more information about Recreational Use of Stormwater Ponds.

Do not release fish into the water! 

  • Never release fish (not even goldfish!), pond water or plants into bodies of water. 

  • Introduced species can become invasive as they displace native species through competition for limited resources and the spread of disease. 

  • These negative effects can be far reaching as stormwater ponds ultimately end up in local creeks and rivers. 

  • To practice your catch and release angling, visit the County Sportsplex Pond, which is stocked with indigenous trout species and is suitable for this type of recreation.